Welcome to my blog. I’ve been blogging on http://legalisedlies.tumblr.com/ for a while now, but I decided to also make a WordPress, for the more sorted, less interactive reading. I’m a 26 year old survivor of prostition from a European country with a legalisation regime. Some people call my experiences “survival sex work”, but I see it this way: I was homeless and I had to sell sex to get by, a very traumatising experience. I exited in 2011 and now I’m fighting so that other women and girls don’t have to suffer the same nightmare.

The way to protect other women is a political issue, this makes me a feminist and in general a radical leftist. The political goals of the prostitution survivor movement vary slightly, I formulate my take on it as following: we need 1. Exit- and prevention services for prostituted people and those at risk of ending up in the sex industry. 2. A decrease (preferably total abolition) of demand. 3. To hold the perpetrators of this violence and exploitation accountable.

Thank you for listening and excuse my language. 😉

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