Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself: I’m a 27 year old survivor of prostition from a European country with a legalisation regime. Some people call my experiences “survival sex work”, but I see it this way: I was homeless and I had to sell sex to get by, a very traumatising experience. I exited in 2011 and now I’m fighting so that other women and girls don’t have to suffer the same nightmare.

The way to protect other women is a political issue, this makes me a feminist and in general a radical leftist. The political goals of the prostitution survivor movement vary slightly, I formulate my take on it as following: we need 1. Exit- and prevention services for prostituted people and those at risk of ending up in the sex industry. 2. To hold the perpetrators of this violence and exploitation accountable for the damage they do. 3. A change in our culture that stops seeing women as objects and sex as either a thing to “get” or a thing to inflict on someone else.

Thank you for listening, welcome and excuse my language. 😉

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